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Get peace of mind that your business is secure with comprehensive security services to protect your entire IT ecosystem.

As Technology Evolves, Your Business Is More Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

And as your IT infrastructure grows, so too do your security needs. You can’t continue to rely on old, outdated technology. Staying up-to-date with the latest in cyber security can feel overwhelming. Often the more you know, the less secure you feel.

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You Need An IT Security Solution That Protects Your Entire Business

At Atturra Managed Services, we take a holistic approach to IT security. We work with you to identify your IT vulnerabilities, determine where your strengths are, and deploy a comprehensive, ongoing security solution that covers your entire IT ecosystem.

Optimise your security posture so it’s ready for anything—not just now, but for the future.

Optimise Your Security Posture With Our Security Services

Endpoint Security

Endpoint solutions address constantly evolving cyber threats, mitigating risks by ensuring your data is protected and your system is constantly up to date.


Capable of detecting and blocking sophisticated attacks - Next Generation Cloud Firewall is an integral factor of your network security functionalities.

Email Security

Protecting your organisation from the most common source of potential incoming threats, and minimises the risk of having your email breached and cyber attacks.


Real time monitoring, detection, logging and analysis of potential vulnerabilities and security threats, enabling timely responses that mitigate data breaches and loss.

Microsoft 365

A comprehensive review of your M365 environment will help to optimise your cloud infrastructure, save money, improve adoption and strengthen security.

User Awareness Training

Creating valuable User Awareness of an organisation’s employees through training, simulations and ensuring comprehension of threats, risks and attack routes.

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How Secure is your Microsoft 365 Workspace?

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Security Services to Optimise Your Security Posture

Data & Email Encryption

Protect sensitive and critical business data by implementing effective security measures. Encrypting data and e-mail is a powerful step to ensure only intended audiences are privy to information.

Network Access Control

Safeguard your business data and sensitive assets by keeping track of network users. Mitigate security risks by controlling user access and keeping unauthorised users out of your network.

Patch Management

Reduce security risks, address vulnerabilities and decrease the likelihood of cyber attacks by identifying and implementing software patches in a timely and efficient manner.

We’ve Been Providing IT Security Solutions Since Before The Internet Was A Household Tool

With over 40 years’ experience in the industry, we’ve seen just how damaging cyber security breaches can be.

We know what it’s like to feel the uncertainty that your tools and platforms are leaving you exposed.

At Atturra Manages Services, we provide tailored IT security solutions to provide you with ultimate peace of mind that your entire technology ecosystem is secure.

Client Story

Detamold Logo

Detmold ‘Uplifts Security Footprint’ Across 17 Countries

Global manufacturing giant, Detmold Group, shifted gears and embarked on a new and daring mission: To adopt a managed security service offering and uplift the entire security posture across the multi-regional organisation, operating in 17 countries.

Knowing that the environment is secure and outsourced gives Detmold, and the IT team, peace of mind and a good night’s sleep.
Mark Render
GM Technology
Detmold Group
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The Roadmap and Requirements for Cyber Security Insurance

Our guide to Cyber Insurance will ensure you have a clear pathway to protecting your data and IT infrastructure in a digital landscape that presents many risks and threats. 

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You get peace of mind your IT environment is protected with 24/7 managed IT security that grows as your business does.